Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer Hosted by Designed by Shirin


Every summer Muskoka is home to the now famous Boat Rally that helps to raise money for Kids with Cancer. The Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup has raised over $19 million for children’s cancer research treatment and care at SickKids. Once again Oliver and Shirin Bock had the honor and privilege of being apart of this event.



The Boat Rally is a unique and exciting fund raising event that brings together the GTA community. Families, friends, celebrities, and athletes all come together to have a good time and raise money for an important cause. This year marked the 5th year this event has taken place. Teams are formed, each raising a minimum of $7,500. Every year the event sees more participation and raises more money.


The Rally features a challenge and race portion. “Pit Stops” across Lake Joe and Rosseau feature clues, games, and challenges for each team. Participants along the way get the chance to be inspired by children that have personally faced childhood cancer.



Teams that raise $15,000 get the opportunity to draft a Celebrity Team Navigator to aid them in the competition. The celebrity draft party kicks off the rally event and is a highlight for many.



For four years the celebrity draft party has been hosted at the stunning Muskoka lake home that was designed by Shirin. It serves as the perfect backdrop for an event that welcomes celebrities, participants, and advocates. The gorgeous scenery, amazing design, and prime location make this Muskoka lake house the best possible location for such an event. The home provides a unique space for people to mingle and shine a light on the event and cause.


Come see for yourself next year. Sign up and join us at the 6th annual Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer. We look forward to seeing you there.

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